Passionate hiring managers help recruit this small business

When Tventany Bloomer, Director of Marketing, Business Development and Recruitment at Aventis Systems, announces to promising candidates that they want to interview the CEO of the company, they can hear the nervous buzzing in their heads:

“He will grill me and I will blow him up.”

“Is it a test to see if I’ll break under pressure?”

“It’s time to spend an entire night so I can repeat it.”

To calm the nerves of the contestants, Bloomer and his fellow contestants say that Hesam Lamei offers them the opportunity to grill him. “You can ask questions about Aventis Systems and its work,” says Bloomer. “In fact, our new employees tell us that their meeting with Hesam often seals the agreement and convinces them to join us, as well as the fact that hesam takes the time to tell the candidates how much we appreciate them.”

Planning with Hesam is just one of the tactics that Tiffany’s two-person recruiting team uses to maintain the success rate of 2 to 3 recruits per quarter and only increase the number of applications by 400% per year.

Here are the tactics with which Tiffany and his team succeed:

1. Do not skip the recruiting letter
Marketing and PR teams use creative guidance to showcase their projects and improve alignment. So why not use it for recruitment? For each vacant position at Aventis Systems, the Tiffany team works closely with the Hiring Manager to participate in a hiring task that highlights the need for this new role, the competing market for that talent, and the role of the candidate. , The result is better communication between the recruiter and the recruiter and overall a smoother recruiting process.

“Once the hiring managers have completed a mission,” Tiffany says, “it’s clear they feel more attached to playing a bigger role in educating new people and appreciating the ability to define who they really want.”

2. Create a Hiring Roadmap
You would not start a new business plan without a roadmap and you would not start your search for a candidate without it. Tochart is a clear path for HR managers. Bloomer starts all searches with a roadmap meeting – it only takes 10 minutes, but it always makes a big difference.

“At these meetings, we write a descriptive job description, key questions for the interview, as well as the use of candidate scores and the recruitment list,” said Bloomer. “We also agree in advance to the calendars and key data that reflect the business unit’s need to fulfill the position and capabilities of the HR department, which employs executives to make them feel comfortable.” Be the owner of the rental. ”

3. Create full transparency in the addressable market
Recruiters looking for candidates on LinkedIn know that a distance from a city center, a field of study, or years of experience can make all the difference in the pool of qualified candidates. And the worst nightmare for an advertiser is to limit the number of potentially important candidates (or to open the barriers) because these parameters are not strategically fixed from the start.

To ensure full transparency, Bloomer meets the Hiring Manager to explain how the request or exclusion of certain candidate attributes affects their addressable talent pool. To do this, she accepts the requirements of the new recruitment and directs them through Recruiters LinkedIn to build a list of potential candidates. “I’ll tell the officials that if there are not enough candidates, we need to expand our criteria,” said Bloomer. “Or if there are too many candidates, maybe a few thousand, then we will discuss how to clarify the description and requirements.”

4. Always know and drive towards your key performance indicators
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are as important to recruitment as they are to other sales teams. By defining, following and reporting these performance metrics, my team can not only understand and improve their goals over time, but also communicate the success of stakeholders.

The CEO and Tiffany accept standard performance metrics at the beginning of each calendar year to ensure that they are satisfied with the key indicators that drive their business forward. And every time an offer letter is created, Bloomer sends the standard KPIs directly to the CEO, reporting on the goals his team has achieved to achieve that goal. The key performance indicators she has defined for her team are:

A) Realization of positions and management of the pipeline

2 week deadline for the complete ordering of purchase requisitions
100 CV or profile ratings monthly as needed
20 monthly screenings per need
5 monthly individual interviews on request
At least one face-to-face interview per week for bank / pipeline applications
60 days position fulfillment
B) Administration

job descriptions

Weekly plan to create or update the documentation
Screening Records

1 Submission by projection
Adjustment Questionnaire

A weekly schedule to create or update the documentation
1 Submission by projection
Candidates rate the leaves

Weekly updates for all projections
letter of offer

A weekly plan to create and approve the documentation
Bonus compensation letter

A weekly plan to create and approve the documentation
C) Use of LinkedIn Recruiter

Work places (100% maximization)
Number of searches (performed, saved, notifications)
Number of profiles (viewed, recorded)
Number of inails (sent, accepted, rejected, response rate)
D) University partnerships

Face-to-face meetings with career and counseling centers
Interviews on campus
Volunteer Activities: Resume Review, Simulated Interview, LinkedIn 101
E) report

Weekly Hiring Update and Candidate Review Form in the Hiring Manager
Weekly recruitment for the supervisor
These efforts will ensure that your team is committed to ensuring the best talent pool and the happiest employees of Aventis Systems. “Monitoring and reporting on KPIs shows our executives how important it is to fill positions faster and with better candidates,” says Bloomer. “This shows why we need tools like LinkedIn Recruiter to stay competitive.”

Tiffany Bloomer has expanded the current Aventis systems to 40 employees. She knows that her system of finding people in less time not only affects processes but also arouses the passion of recruitment managers. Every step from recruiting to questioning the Executive Director should help recruitment managers view attitudes as a means of empowerment and poisoning. Bloomer says, “If you’re passionate about recruiting, it’s contagious.”

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